Minstrel’s Tales

Predating Withe & Stone, A Classic Reborn. Now Available.

Way back in 1987, after returning from my first trip to Europe, I began to listen to the muses that I had met there, and the result was my most ambitious recording to date.

I collaborated with Bill Hilburn on song lyrics, Jay Gaumer and Jeff Ruckman and Keven Crainshaw on arrangments, and the incredible James Yale for art and layout. We gathered other musicians like my long tome fiddle and mandolin player Shawn Pitman, whose boyhood image I borrowed for the cover, Discovered Kansas City Musicians Curt Bartlet for guitar, Bill Crain for Sax, Lisa Write for Harp and young Fredrick Scott Jr. as the boy soprano voice of Edward the Fifth.

My goal was to do an album as Branson MO had never done. It was embracing a new style, and new technology. This was the first CD produced in the area, one of the first independently produced CDs in the U.S.

For many in the area, it was the first CD they ever saw. only 1,000 were ever made and a year later I married Jan and my old solo recordings were supplanted by the change in direction towards the two of us. For years it was requested by old fans and collectors, but Jan and I wanted to look forward to fresh ideas, not back to my old premarriage years. That has changed, and with Jans passing, and the completion of our projects together, it was time to look back at where I left off, in order to help see where I need to go next. Now was the time to put a new polish on an old dream. With nothing to work from but the disk is shown here, I electronically dissected it, remixed, remastered, and reimagined what technology kept me from in 1987. Technology has shifted again and the dragon has stirred. CDs are passing and the ethereal has replaced the corporeal. The local has been supplanted by the world. The muses have whispered the rest of the story in my ear. This is the result.