Withe( with-ee ) : a flexible green branch, especially willow, bent into shape sometime while still growing, for baskets, fencing, and infill for timber frame buildings

Stone ( ston ) a piece of rock shaped for a particular purpose such as a foundation stone

 Landscapes & Cottages

 All Dressed Up

 Sunshine on the Old Road


Hidden Cornwall

 Cornwall Blue, Hydrangea Pink


English Evening


     Okeford Fitzpane


 On the Way to Fowey


Extra Blue for Summer


The Tithe House



 Angels Ascending and Descending


 Infinite Potential







 A Bridge with a View

 A Tree House

Bend In The Road

Hallows Eve Watchers

Up The Hill To The Sea


Which House is Yours?


Young Shoots in Old  Branches


 Amethyst Blanket

 Cool Crisp Air

 Christmas at the Burrows

Iridescent Frost



Isabella in Sunlight

 Large Scale Works

 Auric Bliss

 Mystic Spheres and Spires

 Sculpted Dessert


Clear light colors

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