†††††††††††† From miniatures to murals, Jan Goldsberry puts a distinct energy into everything she creates. As a professional artist since the 70ís, she has created 100ís of works that grace everywhere from apartment walls to billionaire homes.

†††††††††††† For her itís not about fame, prestigious galleries, money, awards or credentials. There are no letters after her name. Itís about spirit. Itís about coxing a child's creativity or helping someone find a lost dream. It is her vision of life that seems to connect to something deep within those whom she interacts.†

†††††††††††† Her art reflects that vision, a sense of whimsy, the soul of nature, and manís interaction in harmony with it. It reflects spirit not dogma. The vision is simple and direct and within that simplicity exists something profound.

†††††††††††† This is not art to make you think, this is art for you to feel. This is not a voice crying out in the wilderness, but a light illuminating joy to whomever wishes to find it.

Withe( with-ee ) : a flexible green branch, especially willow, bent into shape sometime while still growing, for baskets, fencing, and infill for timber frame buildings

Stone ( ston ) a piece of rock shaped for a particular purpose such as a foundation stone