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An orphaned boy is found alone in his home in 1914, next to his dead uncle’s body. The police are baffled, and the boy claims he was saved by his friend from 1966. So begins his long journey of the soul in a staggering chain of events that leads to his one chance to save the best friend who saved him fifty-two years in the future. In the follow-up to “The Childgrove,” I have the opportunity to share the other side of the story of the boy who changed my life, then changed the future for so many others. Moving from the ward of a St. Joseph MO psychiatric hospital to a sprawling English estate, two world wars, pandemics, and social injustice, all while carrying the pain and trauma of a broken childhood, this is my friend, imaginary or not, who showed me the true nature of family.

John Goldsberry returns to the fictional tale inspired by his childhood friend to bridge the ‘what if’ years that brings the story full circle.