Many of us would like a different world than the one we have. Jan and I believed that reality is subjective. How we choose to live and look at our lives will alter the reality of it. So after years of talking about wouldn’t it be great to live in a little pre-industrial village in some vaguely British country setting, we decided there was nothing to stop us from living our lives as if we did. She painted her surroundings, we wrote stories and talked about what we saw and who we met that day, our observations on life and what we learned. While I was off playing and writing music, she learned hearth cooking and cottage life. The night before she passed we spent watching “Escape to the Country”, a BBC show about people moving to that dream home in the countryside. We went to bed happy and went where we always did. She designed our very unusual home and every night we went there, tucked into the crisp linen sheets, the doors wide open to the evening starlight, and we would drift off together to the sound of the night birds. Her dream was to share this world and make it as real as you wanted it to be, a place where we all could share a dream of inclusion, peace, and laughter. It is a place with no antagonists, no big drama, just music, art, stories, children playing, and cozy wood fires burning in the hearth. I am extending an invitation. I will present the stories, the music, and share Jan’s art and love. In time I hope everyone can share there own art, music, and the stories of their lives here and have real contact with there fellow villagers from around the globe.

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