As Jan said, what looked like the end of our dreams, was only a change in direction. The labyrinth turns back on itself, and the journey continues.

” The story’s still revolving round the circle so it seems”

Jan Goldsberry Revolving Door

In the year and a half since the death of Jan Goldsberry, artist, songwriter, and my wonderful wife, the dream of her village and the creativity it represents has continued to grow. The original site was mostly an online gallery to showcase her art, but I realized then that when she passed that she left a whole folder of songs unrecorded and I alone knew the melodies too. I gave myself the goal of recording all of the CD projects we had laid out together in one year.

I recorded three CD’s of our music, set within this world. The final one was “Winter” which debuted one year to the day of her passing, which ends with a Requiem written as a final tribute. This is the video.

Final is an odd word. Jan will be in everything I do for the rest of my days, and I try and make everything I do a tribute to her sweet and optimistic spirit. Having recorded her music (and continuing with my own,) I immediately turned my attention to her biggest dream, the village of Withe and Stone. It was Jan and my hope that we could find enough people who wanted to share the experience and live in the town with us, and with that in mind, I began writing monthly podcasts just talking about the village. The more I wrote, I realize the people of Jans’ world had something to say, and a story arc emerged. I’m now happy to announce that their story, along with many of Jans’ paintings, is to be published somewhere around the end of 2020. Although, based on the podcast, it takes many twists and turns that the monthly story did not, and I hope you find it a memorable trip. Thanks to you all for taking the adventure with me.

Finally, I wish to thank all of you for the love and support you have given me this last year. It has meant a great deal to me. I must also thank Jan herself, For I am finding in her lyrics, like the one quoted above, so many of the things I need to hear to find my future. My love always to her, and all of you.

renfair John & Jan Early 2000’s

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