Man’s search for God by Jan Goldsberry

“A new beginning can look like it’s the end”

Jan Goldsberry Revolving Door

As Jan said, what looked like the end of our dreams, was only a change in direction. The labyrinth turns back on itself, and the journey continues.

” The story’s still revolving round the circle so it seems”

Jan Goldsberry Revolving Door

For our returning friends, the old Withe and Stone site (above picture) has gone. If you didn’t know, Jan Goldsberry, Artist, Songwriter, and my wonderful wife passed away on Nov 17th, 2018. The original site was mostly an online gallery to showcase and sell her art. At this point, I am not selling any of her art, but it will return in the future in a number of ways. As much as it hurt to remove something we created together, it would only remain as a static memorial, not the growing dream she had for us. A lot has happened in the year since I updated this. I realized then that when she passed, Jan left a whole folder of songs unrecorded and I alone knew the melodies. I gave myself the goal of recording all of the CD projects we had laid out together in one year.

The first, “The Circle Path” came out in late spring and the second, “Holiday Traditions”, an Autumn themed CD dropped on September the 1st. Now, the third and final CD to include Jans songs called simply “Winter” Has debuted one year to the day of her passing, which ends with a Requiem written as a final tribute. This is the video.

Final is an odd word. Jan will be in everything I do for the rest of my days and I see everything I do as a tribute to her sweet and optimistic spirit. I must, however, turn my attention to other things. The biggest it the village of Withe and Stone, The project Jan was most excited about. It’s been up for a few months now on Patreon and each month I am posting an original story, featuring new music, sound effects, and where I can Jan’s art as well as photos. In addition, I’m doing a song of the week on the hammered dulcimer with lots of old folk songs, and after the first of the year, I will be publishing my book “How to play Everything” for my patrons as well with songs to learn and sing every week for about a year after that. . It was Jan and my hope that we could find enough people who wanted to share the experience and live in the town with us, sharing their own stories, songs, arts, and crafts. To this end, I also set up a Reddit page with a forum to interact through. You are all most welcome. Here is a sample episode.

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I will be posting as I can on the Withe & stone  Facebook page, and the Withe & Stone YouTube channel. I invite you all there as well.

Finally, I wish to thank all of you for the love and support you have given me in this last year. It has meant a great deal to me. I must also thank Jan herself, For I am finding in her lyrics, like the one quoted above, so many of the things I need to hear to come to grips with my future. My love always to her, and all of you.

renfair John & Jan Early 2000’s